Popular Traditional Indian Takeaway on Main Avenue, Enfield

A renowned Indian takeaway providing traditional cuisines, Juboraj Indian Takeaway is located at 24 Main Avenue, Enfield EN1 1DA. Our home delivery services are extended to Waltham Cross EN8, Palmers Green N13, Southgate N14 & Wood Green N22.

Juboraj Indian Takeaway brings a unique touch to fine Indian cuisines for takeaway at Main Avenue in Enfield. You are at the right place if you have been craving authentic Indian cuisine at affordable prices, and that too with attractive offers.

We offer a wide range of dishes, including popular items like Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken and Vegetable Biryani. Our Traditional Dishes and Seafood Specialities sections are crafted with the customers in mind and offer a genuine Korma and excellent Salmon Bhuna respectively. Not to mention our Vegetarian Main dishes and Vegetable Side Dishes – part of our menu reserved solely for people with specific taste palates.

Juboraj Indian Takeaway offers fast and convenient home delivery for online orders placed through our ChefOnline portal. You can now enjoy your desired Indian food in the comforts of your home. Wait no more, and rejoice!

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Famous Indian Takeaway on Main Avenue, Enfield

Located on Main Avenue, Enfield, Juboraj Indian Takeaway stands as a testament to authentic Indian flavours and dishes. A beacon for food enthusiasts, our establishment is synonymous with rich aromatic dishes, traditional preparation methods, and mouth-watering flavours. If you've been searching for a famous Indian takeaway in Main Avenue, Enfield, your search concludes here at Juboraj. Bringing the finest Indian culinary delights, we are proud to have carved our niche in the vibrant food landscape of Enfield.

Over the years, Juboraj has become the go-to destination for food lovers seeking the aromatic spices and traditional flavours that define Indian cuisine. With a menu curated from the diverse regions of India, every dish promises an immersive experience, transporting diners straight to the heart of the subcontinent. Residents and visitors associate Main Avenue with Juboraj's signature dishes, making it an integral part of Enfield's gastronomic landscape. It's not just a takeaway; it's a journey into India's rich culinary heritage. The next time you crave Indian cuisine, remember the famous name on Main Avenue, Enfield: Juboraj.

Where Can I Get the Best Salmon Bhuna in Enfield?

Salmon Bhuna, a dish celebrated for its deep flavours and luscious texture, is one of the crown jewels of our menu. At Juboraj Indian Takeaway, we take immense pride in offering this delicacy, prepared using age-old techniques that bring out the dish's authentic taste and rich aroma. Freshly caught salmon, marinated in a blend of exotic spices, is slow-cooked to perfection in an irresistible gravy. The result? A delectable dish that promises to be a feast for your taste buds. So, if you wonder where to indulge in delectable Salmon Bhuna on Main Avenue, Enfield, Juboraj beckons you with its promise of authenticity and taste.

Traditional Indian Food Takeaway Menu near Waltham Cross

Venturing a bit away from Main Avenue but still within the vicinity, Juboraj extends its culinary excellence to Waltham Cross and many others. Our traditional Indian food takeaway menu is an ode to time-honoured recipes passed down through generations. Our expert chefs have masterfully crafted each dish to transport you to the very heart of India.

  • Salmon Bhuna: A dish that needs no introduction, our Salmon Bhuna promises a burst of flavour with every bite.

  • Chicken Balti: Experience the magic of tender chicken pieces cooked in a medley of spices and served in a traditional balti.

  • Vegetable Masala: A vegan delight, this dish combines seasonal vegetables with rich masala gravy, ensuring a treat for your senses.

  • Butter Chicken: Revel in the creaminess of this all-time favourite dish. Soft chicken chunks simmered in a buttery tomato gravy – the epitome of indulgence.

  • Vegetable Biryani: Perfectly cooked rice layered with spiced vegetables and garnished with fresh herbs. A dish that promises a symphony of flavours and is a testament to the best Indian takeaway Enfield can offer.
So, whether you're near Main Avenue or in Waltham Cross, Juboraj guarantees an unparalleled Indian dining experience right from the heart of India to your plate.

Salmon Bhuna Chicken Balti Vegetable Masala Vegetable Biryani